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The construction industry has evolved, and so have the construction standards become stricter. Therefore buildings have new requirements that old construction methods cannot meet, encouraging the use of disruptive technologies in modern structures. Raymond Lindquist once said that “Courage is the power to let go of the familiar”, therefore it’s our duty as an industry player in the construction to guide you in understanding and demystifying the myths around Ready Mix Concrete.

What is Ready Mix Concrete (RMC)?

Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) is concrete produced in a batching plant. The mixture contains ballast, sand, cement, water and additional additives. It’s delivered to the customer’s plastic form in a Ready Mix Concrete truck(s). The customer’s mix design and intended use determine the concrete mix content.

What are the types & uses of RMC?

Several grades of RMC are further categorized in classes. The lowest class of RMC is Class 15, which graduates to Class 50 and higher. Below is a list of different classes of concrete;

1. Normal Grade Concrete (Class 15 – Class 20)

Normal grade concrete contains Class 15 and Class 20 with 15Mpa and 20Mpa, respectively. This concrete is mainly used in domestic projects for floor binding, domestic foundations, garages and floor slabs.

2. Standard Grade Concrete (Class 25 – Class 45)

Standard grade concrete has a higher compressive strength than normal grade concrete. This makes Standard grade Concrete ideal for both Domestic and commercial uses. In this grade of ready mix concrete, we have Class 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45, with strength ranging from 25MPa to 45Mpa. It’s mainly used for reinforced cement concrete (RCC) like foundations, slabs, beams and prestressed concrete works.

3. High Strength Concrete (Class 50 – Class 70)

High strength concrete ranges from Class 50 to 70. It has the highest compressive strength of 50MPa to 70MPa. It’s recommended for commercial use only. The high strength concrete is suitable for Prestressed concrete, runways, concrete roads, girders and piers, among other high strength projects.

What are the benefits of RMC over Traditional mix concrete?

1. RMC assures good quality and consistency of the concrete: 

This is because variables such as compressive strength, workability, proportioning of ingredients, water-cement ratio and slump are controlled and moulded as per the project’s requirement.

2. Efficiency:

The consistency in productions of RMC in the mixing plant allows for mechanized operations, therefore, achieving maximum concrete strength.

3. Reduced wastage:

RMC guarantees a lower cement consumption by 10-15% due to strict measures at the batching plant.

4. It’s environment friendly:

The production of RMC consumes less energy and has reduced fumes emissions. This further assists in compliance with the strict environmental measures put in place by the mandated environment authorities.

5. No need to store raw materials on site:

Especially in congested and strict areas like CBD, RMC gives you peace of mind and can be delivered around the clock.

Where can you get Ready Mix Concrete in Kenya?

Warren Enterprises Limited offers high-quality ready mix concrete within a radius of 100KM from our main batching plant. Our Batching plant is located along Kasarani/Mwiki Road, Off Thika Super Highway in Nairobi, Kenya. We have happy customers around Nairobi, Kiambu County, Muranga, Machakos, among other areas. For inquiries and orders, Call 0736 550303, email us at or request a quotation.

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